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    Hey Harold G welcome to the forum, and everyone else, how goes it :) ? I have had the same issues with the worn out body and have had 25 years of my own cabinetmaking business, incorporating any other type of construction, NOW, getting to old :( !!!! started my clock repair business last year, countless hours of study, working on my own stuff and investing everything I had into this new and exciting direction, many hurdles to jump over but it gets easier as you go, I foresee the ability to carry on till the day I croak, (physically anyway) Do you have a shop space already? I first left the door open in the wood-shop and built a small area for the clocks, it wasnt long before I made the full time decision in the clock repair giving it 100% and taking the chance as there does not seem to be anyone around here that has invested knowledge into proper repair. I have turned down numerous woodworking jobs but once in awhile I have picked a good one to do just because I have the nice guy syndrome. I was partially prepared financially as the income, as you may know, started out a bit less than what I was used to. My dilemma now is space, even after 2 shop remodels ( I wish Bob or Paul would dig up a can or 2 out of the backyard and send enough for a addition 😆 ) I have been blessed in many areas and also give much credit to Bobs forum, a wealth of knowledge and insight from all the members in all areas, :D :D I hope it stays fun :D :D William