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@Arutha wrote:

Well done for getting it off Tmac and well done to Jim for suggesting the tool, I had not seen one of these before!
So what was the problem with the bezel, just tight?

I think it was just stuck due to pure filth. Luckily, it wasn’t screwed all the way down as there was a small enough gap for me to get a 30 gage needle into it (pentrating oil injection). That little tool worked like it cost $50.00 – that’s the best $5.00 I’ve spent in a long time. Once I got it off I cleaned the threads on the case and the bezel; when I put it back on, it went on like it was brand new. I believe that if it had been that badly cross threaded, the threads would have been damaged beyond use. Anyway, I’m just happy its fixed – this certainly proves the value of this forum. If I had to replace the case, that alone would have cost me as much (or more) than the Ultimate course and I wouldn’t have had exposure to Bob’s massive knowledge base. ;)


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