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@SteadyPin wrote:

Hi Tmac, I have had this problem a few times and was able to loosen the bezel by wearing a thick rubber glove on my right hand (being right handed) and gripping the bezel with a pushing and turning (with effort). It has also worked for me on bezels that were so tight that were not cross threaded. The rubber glove gives you a much grip. Good luck, SteadyPin.

I tried the rubber glove tactic, but I just can’t seem to get enough power up to budge it – even with the extra grip from the rubber glove. My next approach was to use a light gage diabetic syringe and needle to inject thin gun oil into the threads working my way all around the seam at the perimeter. I’ll let it sit overnight and try it again in the morning. However, I’m beginning to get a little frantic. Is there some sort of tool I can use on this thing?

I suppose I might try a temperature differential by heating the bezel and simultaneously cooling the case. Maybe the expansion of the bezel coupled with the contraction of the case will be enough to loosen it up. I’m grasping now. :(

Thank you to everyone for your help.

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