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Thanks for the kind words.
Yes…I have a large grin on my face !
It was just a broken movement, no case.
I figured that somewhere along the line, the case was scrapped for gold,. like so many these days. :( .
I would not have relegated it to this project if I had the case,..oh well.

The dial is from Otto Frei. It’s for a 6497-2 config. I had to move the posts.
I used epoxy to reset them, as I don’t have the proper dial tool.

The hands were also from Bob Frei ( they are actually 12s hands). The minute hand hole was a perfect fit, the hour hand pipe I closed a bit my my staking set.
A little trimming for length and they worked.

The case was something that eluded me for quite some time.
I didn’t have the deep pockets for someone to do a production run for me.
Finally, I asked Helenrou ( in Hong Kong ) if they had ever considered building a case for the Hamilton conversions, and they said yes.

In fact, they were in the midst of production.
So a few months later, they came available.

Not too bad a fit w/ their movement ring ( fits a 912 or 921 ) , but I had to reduce the inside diameter a bit .

Thanks again for the input !

Best regards,


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