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The only thing I would point out with any budget vices is that there can be quite a difference in quality. If you can go to a tool store and check the vice out this could be a better option. With budget vices the jaws do not always align properly and if you do this via a mail system you could be lucky and get a good one at your first attempt or you could get a bad one. If you can go in to a store and look at one you know exactly what you are getting.
This can sometimes be an issue with any sort of tooling bought mail order. Bench drills or drill presses are another example, as most of these are now produced in china the quality control is a bit hit and miss, you could check out two or three before you find one that runs true.
Just something to bear in mind if ordering budget stuff via the internet.
p.s. garage sales are always worth a look for this kind of stuff, mine came covered in rust from a boot sale but the jaws line up as they should and once the rust was cleaned off they looked great too. Price?….£1 :)

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