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david pierce

    The initial problem was sucessfully drilling through steel with a #80 (.0135) drill bit. This is in itself a difficult machining task. The bits are small, fragile and require small precision tools to hold them properly. I would guess that Digital Tripper spent a lot of frustrating time and went through a fair number of drill bits before giving up. I have read articles on both sides of the issue on whether to repivot or make a new staff. I like the cap idea because even though a few more machining steps are required, they are easy managable steps. The cap will allow larger sized and more manageable drill bits to be used and at the same time produce a better end result. This does not mean that drilling a hole into the end of the old pivot will not produce something that works. If most of the repair insustry is using this method then it is an accepted process. It is true that making cap will require a little more machine work, but, if the #80 hole cannot be achieved then what are the alternitives.
    I also have a copy of Porter’s book and have seen numerous devices for sale to drill pivot holes. Porter has some very clever solutions for making spade drills with some low cost tools like a pin vice with a hole drilled in the shank resting on the tool post. He also has a design for a pivot drilling machine using a slot car motor. I like his ideas and they produce results that are good enough to get by, however, I also feel that there are more accurate ways to do these things.