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@Arutha wrote:

This kind of re-pivot can be done, even in hardened steel. If I have found this to be correct a size #80 drill bit is .343mm? That is massive :)
If you look on ebay you do now and again see small sets of watchmakers drill bits come up, they are like tiny little spades and come in boxes with little wooden cylinders to hold the drill bits.
These drill through hardened steel, I know this because I have used them when re-pivoting french clock pivots and they dont come much harder than these. In my hints and tips section I showed how to make a simple flag to help guide the drill, I think Bob shows a thing like it in one of his videos (probably where my idea came from!).
Bob told me this probably wouldnt be accurate enough for doing watch pivots, shhh…dont tell him but I did a re-pivot of .55mm using this method. It is fiddly and takes a little while to set up but it can be done.
Try it, what have you got to lose? Dont run the lathe too fast, these drill bits dont like it.
As for making a new arbor, if it is an unimportant clock or watch, go ahead, if it is something with history and age then surely you want to keep the clock as original as possible?

Hey Paul !! Thanks for the encouragement. Yes I was trying to drill thru my 3/16″ steel flag that I did my last pivot with on the Adamantine Seth Thomas clock which worked perfectly BTW!! Thank you again for suggesting that I re-pivot it because after just nine days running I could see wear in the silver solder on the pivot. I should post a picture of the re-pivot I think it came out nice!! Anyway that clock is back to the customer who was thrilled with it.

Anyway #80 is tiny from my perspective. The pivot size is the equivalent of a #79 drill shank. No it is not old, it is a clock from the 1980’s so keeping original part would be good but making a new one would be ok too. I am going to go read up about the flag you made to see what I can learn. I put this one aside for now as I have other clocks to get out but I will be returning to it in about a week.

Thank you again Paul, I will get this re-pivoted…Oh yes I will


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