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    @david pierce wrote:

    Digital Tripper,
    I sucessfully drilled two #80 holes 1/4 inch deep into a piece of cold rolled bar stock. That is the good news. The bad news is I drilled the holes with a Dumore Sensative Drill Press with an Albrecht 15-J0 keyless drill chuck. This weekend I will have a little more time and will try and find a less expensive solution for you.

    Ok I got it…I ship you my drill flag and you can put the #80 hole in it….Hey while your at it, you could do #79,#78,#77….Just kidding…I really appreciate your help thus far David!! I like Malon’s idea of creating a bushing (Brass tube, or perhaps a real bushing !!) and drilling the flag for that….Geez so simple…What do you think?