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    @vanhooglesnort wrote:

    Am I the only one who thinks it would be easier to just turn a whole new arbor? Keeping original parts is always the goasl, but if you can’t replace the pivot just make a new arbor with the pivots turned on the ends.

    Just my $.02…

    And I really like your idea as well. Thank you…However, the reason I have not done this, is it is a tiny verge that I want to re-pivot. I am practiced on cutting aluminum and brass on my lathe but hardened steel? Have not done that yet. Not to mention that if you look at the photos above, you’ll see that it is tapered with the verge cut as part of the arbor etc….I think I could do it but I have not yet learned to anneal steel and re-temper it etc…. Also this would be a part that I’d want to turn on centers and I do not have a live center for my tail stock…

    Anyway….Enough with the excuses. Just figured it’d be easier to re-pivot….

    Actually it would be easier if I could just purchase this part…Anyone here live in Germany? Or near it? Or have a supply house that carries this verge?

    Thank you EVERYONE !!!