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Howdy, This is what I do, try saying this to your wife when a new tool is needed ;) , I just say,”Honey, 8-) I need a new tool and if I dont get it you will be lacking this hunk of gorgeous man, so what do yah say?” and she says, “NO 😡 ” and “whatever 🙄 ” so then, after months 😯 of no new tools I try a new tactic, which goes like this……”please, PLEASE, please, I will do whatever you want around the house and take you out for dinner and, and , and pretty please, please please”

Well, I really dont say that and really dont want to take the chance. I too have been in construction of all types throughout my life, 20 years my own cabinet shop, ect..ect.. My lovely wife has seen first hand the labor involved and the tools needed to accomplish a job properly. She is also aware of the wear and tear physically with what I had been doing. We had been praying for some time about what direction I should take as I could no longer physically handle the business I was in and it seemed like everything around me was getting older 😆 . She is also aware of the way I get my mind set on something and Ill put every ounce of thought and energy behind it, So after I decided to make clock repair a business I sold my fishing boat, 4 wheeler, F-350 truck, hunting bow, ice fishing gear, ect..ect.. and have been investing into tools, shop, supplies and so on. I see a business which will never get boring or dull, lifelong learning actually using your brain :idea:. staying busy even without customers, continuing the art while getting old and feeble as I am..and after I told the story of how a customer had started crying because of all the fond memories brought back by having her grandmothers clock running again some guy said to me “your doing a good thing”..How can you lose.!!!!!! I talk to my wife about what I am thinking and learning and working on, she pretends to listen as I ramble on and on, somewhere along the line decided it was better to say, “I trust your judgement” and “whatever makes you happy makes me happy”, (I think she just doesnt want to hear me whine and complain about not having the right tools) but it seems as though she is quite involved with everything and loves the hunt for a clock, a pocket watch or some tools….what a wonderful wife :D by the way I have the best one so you guys out there looking will have to settle. when she wants to do something I will give any wanted advice and full backing on whatever it is..shes an adult..we all live and learn..and so the world goes round…I usually try to get by with what I have until I notice there is a tool that can make the job better, easier, more accurate in the end saving time and money, justifying the cost, along with the knowledge of what may work best..with advice from others I will make the investment. I KNOW for sure I can spend money, with the horological market the way it seems to be I think any worthwhile tool is a good investment ;) . William
P.S. I think it was Paul who posted the “buy dinner” idea, thanks alot as I now owe my wife 327 dinners, I’ll send a bill. :D

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