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david pierce
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I am relatively new to watches but not to machine work. I had a career that I loved until 1999 when the company I was with for 22 years went under. I now have a job that I have worked at since then but although it pays well, it isn’t fun for me. In my case, watches provided a perfect solution to a mindless unenlightening work situation. The good news with watch tools is they, thus far, have increased in value actually outperforming my 401K. Before landing here I went through the TIME ZONE WATCH COURSES I, II, and III which provided a basic understanding of watch movements. The scope of the course was limited to part replacement which is certainly a valid approach, but it was not where I wanted to end up. I feel fortunate to have found this course because Bob is on an extremely short list of watchmakers who have actually made watch parts in a shop situation, and has a willingness to share this knowledge with his students. As far as my wife is concerned, I think she would rather see me spending my later years making watch parts, than sitting in front of a TV set with a beer and a channel changer.

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