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Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been out of town.

I’ve seen many different preferences on this subject, but I’ve had good overall performance from the following oils/ lubricants.

9010 Small trains ( ladies watches, and on pallet jewels
9020 Larger train wheels, IE: pocket watches , center wheels
8141 Winding barrel arbors, lube for mainsprings

I haven’t bought a bottle of 941 yet ( for pallet jewels and quarts movements ) but I’m thinking about it.

KT-22, winding parts, stems, threads on watch backs, etc.

I try to keep it simple….

From Otto Frei ( again )..they have a page for Moebius lubes, oiling charts, recommendations, etc

For high-quality wrist watches Moebius recommends the synthetic oil 9010 (SYNT-A-LUBE) for the pallet jewels, escapement wheel and the balance staff. Depending on the size of the caliber Moebius 9020 (SYNTA-VISCO-LUBE) or MICROGLISS D-5 is being used for the center wheel, the gear train and the barrel arbor.

For high-quality clocks such as alarm clocks, pendulum clocks and tower clocks Moebius recommends the synthetic oil 9020 (SYNTA-VISCO-LUBE) for the bearing of the escapement wheel, the teeth of the escapement wheel, the first wheel after the fly, the first and second wheel after the fly. (For the latter D-5 is also possible). For all other lubricating points in clock movements Moebius recommends D-5.

There are many specialized lubricants, so you’ll have to see the application, and make your personal choices.

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