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    Hey David, good subject, I had read on one of the threads in the past about using a “amscope” (not sure if that was you or not) I found one for real cheap and rigged it up over the lathe, it has 20x and 40x with binocular eyepiece. after practicing with it for awhile I find that it is so much easier to get accurate results, watching even the finest of cuts AND I dont knock my teeth on the lathe bed anymore as I did while using a higher powered loupe, now with everything sitting over and around my lathe work I am finding it more difficult to measure. I would be copying a broken balance staff and can use the balance parts themselves to get diameters and lengths but besides that I am thinking that a small calipers to get sizes off the piece in the lathe and then being able to move aside and get the actual dimensions. Any thought on this. have a fantastic day, William

    How did you manage to get the thing into position – it doesn’t look as though it extnds up very far.