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    @david pierce wrote:

    The LEVIN lathe uses the same 8mm collets that the headstock uses. This is one of the features that make the lathe so nice. If your lathe does not have a cross slide and you want to add one, any cross slide (Levin, Wolf Jahn, Derbyshire, etc.) made for these machines will work just fine. Another tool you may want to add later is a face plate. The LEVIN face plate is just a round plate with a bunch of threaded holes drilled into it attached to an 8mm adapter. This you can make yourself.
    RG tools is a store that sells through Ebay. They do not make anything themselvs. I am pretty sure that the four jaw chuck I bought from them was made in China. The name on the chuck box is HBM; whoever they are. If you search through all of the watch lathe pages on Ebay you will find RG tools. They are located in England.


    Thanks – I’ll find them. You really are an expert. Regarding the collets…
    I sent a message to the people at Sincereclocks to see if they made collets with American threads that would work with my Levin. Below is their response:

    more tks for ur message.
    our collets thread is 7×0.75

    Any thoughts if these numbers match the Levin threads?

    Thanks again – I apologize for all of the questions.