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I am sooo glad you ask this question. I have been looking at a pivot polisher on e-bay, and was not sure just how it worked. I am just getting started in this facinating field. I have watched Bob’s videos, and amazed at what can be done on the lathe.
I want to work on clocks. After watching Bob work on a pocket watch, I don’t think that part is for me. It made me so nerviuos watching him work on such small pieces. At least with clock parts, If I drop one I should be able to feel it if I step on it. In the clock video it is my understanding that you can polish pivits on the lathe without any other attchments. I would like to see more lathe videos, such as the use of a gear or wheel cutter. I have read about the prossess, but I would not know if I ran across one.
Enid Okla.

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