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I may have had success without knowing how to use the warmer. I clamped the lever with stones facing towards warming plates using the spring loaded clamp. In this position the lever wasn’t level but I was able to fit the stones using small pieces of flake shellac. I warmed the shellac until it flowed over and around the stones. After I chipped away the excess shellac by placing the lever on the staking tool anvil and held it in position with a very small hollow punch. I was able to chip away the excess shellac with a small screw driver. The stones were not aligned at this point, so I placed the lever back on the pallet warmer with the staff between the two warming plates. The lever was level a this point though not clamped. I was able to warm the shellac sufficiently enough to move the stones into the correct position with a sharpened pegwood. And now to assemble the watch and see if the lever works! I could still use some advice on how to use the pallet warmer clamps?


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