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OUCH!!!! 😯 yes and even then being very careful, I have about a 1/4 lip that extends above the surface of my bench that helps hold the movement from spinning while I use the letdown tool. I like the yellow handled one with the different chucks, I just sold my last one. You can make a key holder with a 1″ diameter wood dowel, drill a hole and cut a slot in one end to accept the key, round off the other end. I had also used a hose clamp just to make sure the key wouldnt slip out. Another of my favorite tools is the used up roll of 2″ tape, basically the cardboard tube left, I use it all the time for laying a movement on while assembling/disassembling. Hope the thumb heals up 😳 , mainsprings are something to be very careful with, I have a knob on one of my knuckles from careless use of the mainspring winder, broke the winders handle with my knuckle. William

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