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howdy Mahlon, welcome, great to have you here, Sorry Bob but I just have to jump in front of you, (you know me) 🙄 , I would like to say along with Mahlon that YES I too have found the coarse and the forum to be the most valuable tools also, Mahlon, I use the forum as a learning tool, I find that trying to help someone else out I end up accidentally learning something myself…., you know we will all, or probably should be learning something new all our lives, like a good friend said to me once, William, remember how dumb we were back in high school, yup I said, and using that as my base, if I learn one new word a year and nothing else I am doubling my knowledge, well now I am almost 50 and know 33 words toadal, I am almost to the point of not being able to stuff anymore in my little brain, and now with the forum and Bob teachings I have smoke coming out of my ears!!!! Thank you for your honesty and your desire to @mahlon wrote:

know how to really fix one

, and do not feel stupid, Thats my job, I have seen many a clock that have been butchered yet somehow do run, well sorta ( word learned at 29 :geek: ), It is a art form to refurbish a 100 year old clock properly without damaging its authenticity (and that word I learned at age 41 :geek: ), OOOOHHH :? and you started buying tools :D , how fun is that!!!!! I myself have become addicted to horological tool buying, I think someone here called me crazy 😯 or something, It was probably Arutha, but he is pretty smart and usually hits the nail on the head. thanks for your enthusiasm (word learned at 35 :geek: ) please use your new tools, I am positive they will be of great value. William p.s. Bob I think we need a larger selection of smilies.

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