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Bob Tascione

    Great thread! My lathe came with a Hamilton Beach motor (I assume 3450 RPM, but it seems faster?) about 1/16 HP. It doesn’t have a speed control, and rather than go the foot rheostat approach, I was wondering about using a servo or stepper motor. New they’re a lot more expensive, but can be found used fairly reasonably. The thing is I really don’t want/need another project.

    What do you think about this one? It would take pulleys which would push the cost up a bit (and become a bit of a project).


    Hi Evan,
    That’s an interesting motor. Torque can become a big issue with jewelers watch maker lathes when heavier cuts are needed…especially when dealing with low rpm. When used for normal staff and stem work it’s not usually a problem but when larger stuff needs to be machined it can be a hassle. One way around it is to use a counter shaft setup. What many watch makers are doing now is going with a motor and controller setup like Sherlines constant torque motor/controller combo thus eliminating the need for the countershaft system. I’ve heard many good reports about their use with watchmakers lathes. Sherline used to have a torque chart somewhere either on their site or possible it’s up on mine that shows the torque curve at differing rpms (go to my page at http://tascione.com/source.htm and scroll down to where it says “Sherline Products”). I’ll try to locate it for you. These motors are great and may be what you’re looking for. I don’t know about the one you linked to but would be curios to find out.

    Hope this helps Evan!