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Howdy, I would assume your pivots are nickle plated, DO NOT take the plating off 😯 (in the previous post I was picturing some other type of movement 🙄 ), although you can polish these you have to be very careful and use a low abrasive polishing compound, FIRST take a look at the pivots and if they do not look like they are flaking or pitting, you can pretty much leave them, just clean them good, also if the clock is only running for 3o seconds I am thinking you have a different problem than worn bushings, I dont want to jump to conclusions at this point, (I can do that you know 🙄 ), check the rack and snail lifting levers ect…to make sure nothing is binding there, do some reading :geek: on the escapement and check to see if yours is set right. try to get some pictures on here, it would be great for everyone to see what your up to, I am sure you will have fun, just take your time and let us know what happens next. William

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