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    Thanks For the replies.

    Right now I am working on a Grandfather Clock that has an Urgos Movement in it. The background on this clock is, it belonged to a couple and the husband did not like it chimming, so he did something to make it stop. When I first looked at it, you could move the pendulum back and forth but the escape wheel would not turn. So I removed it from the case and found it was missing the suspension spring. I bought a replacement and I can make the escape wheel work, but it will only run for about 30 seconds and then it stops. I have disassembled the movement and cleaned it, and after assembling the movement, I did as was suggested in a previous post, I moved the great wheel back and forth and closely observed the pivots for wear. The escape wheel and the one next to it are showing no sign of wear. However the other three arbors in the train are a little looser, but it’s not like the holes are oblong. If I was to put a figure to it, I would say it’s less than .005 clearence. I will next polish the pivots and recheck the clearence. If you have any suggestions on how to work on Urgos movements, I would like to hear them.