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Calhouns, usually you can see it wiggling around in the pivot hole while the clock is assembled (after doing a few clocks you will get a good idea on what to look for) ;) , you can put reverse pressure on the great wheel with a key or you fingers and move the gear train back and forth, the worn areas will reveal themselves upon close inspection :ugeek:, or if you have captured the mainspring and let it down this all will be easier to accomplish. having the clock disassembled you would put the pivot into the corresponding hole in the plate and tip it in all directions. you dont want more than 5 degrees tilt in all directions, and of coarse you do not want it to tight either. One thing to keep in mind is that your pivots should be dressed up properly (polish out the grooves, properly formed, burnished) before determining whether the hole needs bushings or not, a pivot badly worn pivot will to quick damage to a new bushing 😯 . Sometimes after refurbishing a pivot you will have to put in a new bushing because you have reduced the diameter of the pivot. Bob also has some ideas on his videos on what to look for. hope this helps, have fun, William

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