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david pierce
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There have been over 110 hits on this blog. It is good that there is an interest in this subject. I hope everybody watched the Youtube videos of the production machines making the watch parts. After reading everything I could find and watching every video I could find, I am left with the impression that the watch industry is telling their students to make watch repair parts with 17th century technology while they are manufacturing their parts with 21st century technology. When gravers were first used to turn watch parts there was no other technology available. When I pulled up the series of articles on “A Day In Watch School” I was suprised that what was being taught was an accepted process for making the replacement parts and not making acceptable parts. If a part in a watch is to function properly it must be made to the correct dimensions within an acceptable tolerance. How this is done is, in the overall scheme of things, is not particularaly relevant. If a part is made with a graver or a cross slide it will either function properly or it will not.

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