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    I came across that blog when I first started in Horology, it was an amazing read and even now while searching for certain things this comes up and I cant help reading it again.
    David, a friend of mine did his apprenticeship with the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers. He had won a bursary but part of the process was to be interviewed for it. George Daniels did his interview. Daryn said he was a no nonsense kind of guy but with a sense of humour. I cant remember the specifics of one of the questions he asked Daryn but Daryn said his mind went blank and then slowly the answer came to him and he managed to explain his answer. George said to him “You wont forget that again in a hurry” Daryn laughed when he told me the story and said he never has forgotten the answer. I cant imagine how intimidating that interview must have been.
    Steffan Pahlow is a genius, watching him work is almost like watching art. I have a lot of respect for anyone who cares for their art so much that their work becomes an art. We have acess to such a person, good old Bob Tascione, much friendlier than George Daniels!