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A few years ago I pulled off a series of articles called “a day at watch school”. I do not know if the articles are still available but it would be worth checking out. The person who wrote the article did a fantastic job documenting his educational experiences in a Swiss watch school curriculum. The training looked very good however, there was nothing in the training that could not be accomplished by purchasing the necessary equipment and using available study material. The designer label perception will always be in the minds of many that the person comming from the Swiss program will forever be a watch expert and a person comming from any other program will always be somewhat less. If you pull off some of the George Daniels interviews you can extrapolate his opinions on the subject. He did not talk favorably about the arrogance comming out of that country. Also, Steffan Pahlow is a self taught watchmaker. He told me in and email he sent to me.

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