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david pierce
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Since you do not feel ready to take the watch apart just yet, check on Ebay and see if you can purchase a movement for that watch. A working movement for a Waltham can be purchased for around $30.00 if you are lucky. If the movement is working properly, go ahead and swap it out in your watch. Now you can begin to disassemble, inspect, repair and clean the origional movement without the fear of screwing it up. Before working on it check the previous posts on this site for similar problems and watch the assembly and repair videos. Make sure you wind the mainspring down before taking it apart. Check the balance staff to make sure you do not have a broken pivot. Check the balance wheel and make sure the balance screws are not rubbing against anything. A watch can work at one temperature and not work at another temperature due to the balance wheel expanding. Replace and lubricate the mainspring. Use Bob’s method for removing the cap on the mainspring barrel. To replace the cap I use a Harbor Freight watch crystal press with two flat nylon anvils. Always check for worn or cracked jewels and worn or bent or broken pivots. Make sure the balance wheel is running true and in poise. Check the hairspring for rust pitts. Make sure the pallet jewels and roller jewels are not loose. If they are, they will have to be re-shellaced and adjusted. Once you get your origional movement working you can swap it back out and sell the replacement on Ebay.

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