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Hello all, Thanks for all the input. William, you have summed it up well. I have studied those drawings in de Carle’s book ’til I have felt ill–some evenings. Clearly, in answer to your quiz (??) , it takes the movement of the balance jewel to “trigger” the pallet fork to move to the other banking pin. This enables the entrance stone to take a new tooth. The watch I have been referring to does not run because I took out the barrel to have more room to cogitate. I have been using the toothpick. I could put the barrel back in and it would be powered that way. Like so many things, we dig ourselves out of a hole only to fall into a deeper one. I have tried and tried, and so on, and I have not been able to install the ballance assembly in such a way as to get the jewel inside the pallet fork. Have watched Bob’s video–that’s like watching Tiger Woods hit a golf ball. It happens faster than the mind can follow. This is a bit of an overstatement but I would like to see a video of some erstwhile watch repairer struggle for 15-20 minutes trying to get it right. So William, and all others, please give me a shove here, or tell me I am on the wrong track again. A decent beating won’t bother me; being radically right-brained, it usually takes force for me to learn anything that requires linear thinking. Thanks again for all the help you folks have given. I’m up for anything else that comes this way………………..take care……………………b

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