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    Hey B, yes, everyone who posted here is right, AND it sounds like the watch we are talking about is right also, I did want to focus on one thing at a time here while we figure this out. I think you said the watch we are talking about was running. Now that we have determined that the escape wheel has power, the pallet snaps back and forth and actually locks the pallet jewel onto a escape wheel tooth (this is called the “lock” area) technically, 1/3 the width of the pallet jewel is where the lock should be, BUT lets not concern ourselves with the tech. stuff just yet…..and focus on the mechanics…… all this so far is what is supposed to happen, B, the pallet under power will not move back and forth by it’s self, and really at anytime should it, it needs something else to help it.(kind of like me and Bobs foot:) )….. like a pendulum on a clock, that swings back and forth, this is what helps the verge and pallets to move. from one tooth to the next…. take a close look in Donald DeCarles book on practical watch repairing Pages 35 and 36 or chapter 5, (should be several drawings of the lever escapement) I think you have this book, if not let me know…. ;) and please let me know what helps move the pallet back and forth in a watch, have a fantastic day :D , William