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    You ae right about what you say about reading the books. While they are fine and well nothing beats seeing the operation done, that’s why I learned so much from these videos. In fact I have found a guy offering to sell cuckoo clock repair videos and I am seriously thinking about that. Never have worked on a clock before but my wife does want a cuckoo clock. Think this guys business is called cuckoo clock hospital. You say you have a watch that runs. I would suggest practice on that. That way you can takes bits off then replace them and if watch still runs then you know you are on right track. May seem silly but I like seeing the parts moving and ticking. I have been working on a small ladies Waltham which was running but just quit. I can take mainspring barrel out and gently move train and balance beats right up but won’t power with spring. Currently I am going nuts trying to figure out issue, but that’s the fun of it.

    Charles K