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    Hello all, Thanks Charles for your comments and advice. Yes, I have found that out about moving the train backwards. I am not doing that. It appears that what I am seeing is what is supposed to happen. Now the only logical test, if I have you and William right, is to install a good balance assembly and see how it goes. I believe you both are right because that is the conclusion I came through from reading. I find most of the experts who have written books to be somewhat poor writers. I understand there is a difference between American and British English, especially in the past; but I had a large hunk of my younger years–10–devoted to academic study and research. Most of the important material was written by British writers or translators. It gets easy to see when writers are leaving the main road and are going off on some private language of their own. Horologists ae no exception. Well, I have my work cut out for me: finding balances that I can install, and move on w/ this phase of learning. Any more comments or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! take care all…………..b