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    I’m with William here. Without the balance in the pallet should lock in position. It locks waiting for balance to swing back and give it a nudge with roller jewel. If I understand your original post you have mainspring and balance out and are moving the train manually? Is it possible when you are moving train that you could be moving it backwards? This might allow everything to seem to move if in the wrong direction. It the pallet really isn’t locking then the mainspring would just run down very fast as there couldn’t be any way to regulate watch. I have seen this happen before with watch that had pallet jewel loose. If you imagime a watch under power with no balance the pallet should be stopped. Now it you should nudge pallet toward opposite banking pin the escapement would move forward a click and pallet stops again. Each time pallet is moved escapement wheel would step forward but stop as soon as pallet hits opposite pin. I may have explained poorly but I hope I’m not confusing the issue.