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Hello all………..Hi William, yes, this is what is happening. I have to get the pallet fork moving and keep it moving. In my example (The particular watch we are talking about), the power from the spring, or my manual operation, does not move the fork, it stays locked. if I give it a nudge, it will move to the other pin and lock. Only if i nudge it the other way does it move again. W/ the power on, it will not continue to move back and forth. None of this group I am talking about will do this. I know the roller jewel figures in here somehow, but that doesn’t explain how I can have a working watch that will move the fork back and forth, with the balance out, on it’s own. Is this an aberration? I am totally confused. I think you, and probably others, have the answer. I will wait for further comments, or advice. Thanks for all the help……..take care……………b

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