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Hey B, I bet you a thousand dollars my head is thicker and harder than yours (oh and by the way probably balder), and frankly I am not sure how I made it this far with myself, but HEY, we are all on a journey, hopefully for the better!?!? ;) But you know, if anyone can frustrate me it is usually the guy I see in the mirror 😆 Something ssssoooo frustrating today, we laugh at tomorrow 😆 and ask ourselves why we wasted so much energy and time being in a stupor. As far as pictures it took me some time to figure out (not too bright with computers) :? if you look down to the bottom of a page when you are responding on a subject, you will see a tab called “upload attachment” = click on that and it will ask for a file name or to browse for your pictures, I use the browse and go thru the system until I get to my picture file, if you right click your picture file you can change the size of the pic but do not ask me how this all happens, I just got lucky when I did it once 🙄 and just keep doing the same thing, seems to work, anyway, after you select the pic it will load to this area and then you click on add the file. then after that you click on “place file inline”………..well, Paul had put some directions on here somewhere, he is much smarter than me and is a computer wizz. I do not think it would hurt to try it out. SO, B, lift your eyes to the heavens and take a nice deep breath, maybe hit the mental “reset” like I do about a thousand times a day, start a new thread with a pic and a specific thing you are looking at, oh and remember that everything on here is for the benefit of all, so questions, answers and brainstorming ideas are welcome because we all benefit!!!!!! and non of it is wrong, God bless, William

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