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    Hi Bear, hope your feeling better today :) The test is performed with the lever/ pallets out of the movement, this test is to see if you have power going thru the gear train all the way to the escape wheel. By doing this you can isolate some of your issues. First let down the mainspring, second = take out the pallets, third = a couple of twists on the crown, ;) doesnt take much, the escape wheel should then turn in the proper direction and as it losses power it will stop and go the other direction a little bit, once you see that it does this( have to look close) then you can focus on how the pallet functions with the escape wheel. Put the pallet/ lever back into the movement without the balance. wind once or twice, use DeCarles instructions on checking the locking on entrance and exit pallets with the escapewheel, the paper limits this motion for checking run to banking, lock and drop before run to banking, ect…. I think you are super close to figuring this out :geek: . When having the pallets in and a couple of winds on the mainspring just move the pallet lever back and forth, (carefully with the pegwood) as you observe the action between pallet faces/ jewels and escape wheel, should snap back and forth with a light touch to each side. the escapement has to have some power behind it, and should if it has passed the first test we just mentioned, so at this point instead of trying to move your wheels with the pegwood to operate the escapement let the train do the work, you probably know this, but it is very hard to get proper results in the locking, impulse, ect… without power, it should be easier to look at all this with power thru the train. NOW since I am such a newbee, please let me know Bear why DeCarle says to check all 15 teeth on the escape wheel ???? :D William