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Hello all, hope things go well w/ you. Thanks Paul and David, I appeciate your help. The pallet is installed as it should be, and there are no neat little plates that can be turned to adjust the banking pins. I spent 2 hours just studying it and working it last night. All I got was a bit of stomach acid. What is most confusing is that this movement is one of at least 50 i have lined up and covered at the back of my work table. All “feel” the same. I’m sure they aren’t but I lack the experience to see the difference. Perhaps I should ask one rookie question before I head for the Drs.: With the movements that seem to be OK (that is my level of sophistication) if i run out the main spring , then put on 1 or 2 winds, the wheels etc. turn and the pallet goes back and forth ’til the energy is spent. Is this as it should be? I just assumed it was. One more thing: De Carle says that one should check all 15 teeth of the escape wheel, relative to their position on the stones. (he puts paper under the pallet lever to keep it from jumping around–but I’m sure you all know this). Would this test be of any use to me? I shall be quiet and wait for responses from far better hands than I. Thanks all………take care………….b

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