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Hello all, I guess Bob is away from the forum, but I hope some of the others who weighed in on Watchdog’s post would give me a growl here. This is the specific situation I am looking at. I have a 18s un-branded, 17 j. pocket watch, the movement is out of the case, and I have removed the balance wheel because it had no hairspring. I tried to manually test the train and the pallet and escape wheel were jammed up. I tried from the center wheel and from the fourth wheel; same result. I tried gently moving the escape wheel w/ a sharpened toothpick–no luck. So, I moved the pallet fork so it was against the right hand banking pin (looking from the excape wheel toward where the balance wheel would be). i tried to move the train manually and it spun freely, the escape wheel not touching either of the pallet jewels. Then, I moved the fork to the left banking pin, This time when i tried to move the train the first tooth of the escape wheel got hung up w/ the left, or entrance pallet jewel. Tried this 3 or 4 times w/ the same result. Just to make sure, I took a sharp pick and jiggled the center wheel gently (right and left). By doing this I shook the escape wheel tooth free of the jewel and the pallet fork begin to move back and forth, missing the exit jewel each time. I thought i should describe one specific case so there might be more info to work w/. Any help sure would be appreciated. My hair is still coming out by the fistful. take care all………………b

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