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    Hi Phil, William is correct about isolating the problem. This is essentialy what he said. Take the balance assembly along with the pallet fork out. Wind the watch three or four turns and see if you have power on the train. Check to see if the escape wheel backs off (very impotant) a couple of turns. If everything is good so far install the pallet fork once in place wind the watch a couple of turns. Now lightly move the pallet fork off the banking pin just enough to see if it snaps back to the pin. If it does good, now move the pallet fork towards the other banking pin, it should take off on it’s own once you push it just pass center. If everything is good you can put the balance back in and see what happens. If still no good you may have a staff or upper/lower balance jewel problem or possibly a roller jewel not centered or broken. Hope this helps, Steadypin.