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Hey b, i will try again, pictures will realy help out ;) , But as you said @watchthebear wrote:

escape wheel has the “points” curved upward

, or @watchthebear wrote:

the ends of the wheel are turned upward, and there are more than on a regular escape wheel

would almost sound like a “verge” escapement, but then again when you said, @watchthebear wrote:

There is a notch in the balance shaft where the pointed parts of the wheel must strike the shaft.

sounds to me like a “cylinder” escapement. which when you said, @watchthebear wrote:

where the escape wheel also serves as the pallet?

starts to make even more sense, but when you said, @watchthebear wrote:

(like the stylized lotus flower) and connect directly w/ the balance

😯 I had no clue, BUT then again that is usually the case, so in my limited knowledge and the desire to help others out, my best guess would be a cylinder escapement. I found a small book on escapements by, F.J.Britton called “the escapements” their action, construction and proportion. very inexpensive yet yields good information, I am sure there are many other books on escapements and the theory behind each and they would be good for any of us to get ahold of. :D Keep on keepin on, William

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