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    I’m just guessing here as I’m still a bit of a newbie but many German movements use a slip connection between the verge and the shaft it is mounted on. Some of these friction-connections are rubber or neoprene. Do not get any oil on these! If the joint is “rubber” you could try soaking it in alcohol or some other solvent to remove any oil.

    You should oil the escapement and verge as usual but must be careful not to get oil on the friction connection. Since you can’t bend the crutch like you can on an American time and strike the friction connection enables you to put the clock in beat anyway. My Urgos UW66 uses the rubber or neoprene connection but my Asian replicas use metal pins instead. I don’t think the pins would be bothered as much by oil, if they were they are easy to clean.

    Worn bushings on the escape wheel pivots will also give you fits when it comes to putting the clock in beat as it can change the geometry of the verge.
    Be patient, there are some very helpful people on here. Hope this helps.

    Kenny H