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Hi everyone I have a large french art deco wall clock,Ive posted three pics. Ive cleaned it, put back together and oiled it (1st time Ive done this) as I’m just starting and so pleased with myself and it couldn’t be done without all the help off Bobs ultra course and the forum. the problem is that it runs for 24 hours then stops each day at the same time. I never noticed any broken cogs etc when it was stripped down. Help please I’m getting frustrated. James

Hi James.. Welcome to the forums !! So is this a time and strike clock or just a time piece (Time Only)? If it is time and strike, I had trouble similar to this with one I worked on. Turns out that the lift cam was bent on the hour side and the snail was hitting/rubbing on the gathering pallet when it reached 11. The gathering pallet would drift “up” on it’s shaft after 24hrs resulting in the snail hitting/rubbing on it and thus the clock would quit running.

I closed the gathering pallet’s hole (it had a shoulder or mini tube?? that mounted it to the arbor passing thru the plate) GENTLY using a vice. You have to be VERY CAREFUL if you attempt this and be very patient. You could also try a hole closing punch if you have one, I don’t which is why I used the vice.

Pressing the gathering pallet back on it’s shaft took a little doing and the clock is working perfectly and has been for five months now !!

Having the works out of the case and simply mounted to my wall so I could watch it work was key in finding/seeing what was happening. I have a clock stand but this mechanism did not mount in my stand well which is why I mounted it to the wall.

Don’t give up!! Do not get to frustrated…We’ve all been there…You WILL figure this out!! If need be, you may want to put this aside for a week or four and just move to something else to get another success which will be a great confidence builder!! That is what I had to do as I was ready to give up too!!

I hope this helps !!


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