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    Thank you guys that replied to my new career post and because you wanted to know the out come of my meeting today I’m letting you know….
    Ok, I had 30 min’s to talk to my bosses (2). I told them I was new at this and that I have only done 4 pocket watches and 1 wrist watch. I told them I have alot more to learn and I wanted to take more classes. I said I was VERY interested in the opportunity and that I needed some time togather some parts, ( pratice) . I also asked if they would be ok if I took apart some of my pocket watches when things where slow at work. I let them know I was not sure how to work the ultrasonic watch cleaner they had in the shop. These folks where good with all that and said they would be patience with me..
    I would love to find a watch maker that would spend some time with me,that would answer questions that I’m sure will come up,but so far every watch person I have met was not willing to share his experiance with me. Looks like I’m on my own here..But still, I just can’t turn this down.
    If any of you have any suggesttion for me on how to be friends with someone I can run to now and then,please let me know.Thank you guys for your interest in my new job,old career