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    If it is the type I think it is it could be perfect! First though please check the wiring, some of it is so old now the casing on the wire will almost crumble. Without seeing a picture it is a little hard to see what you mean but usualy there are four jars, 3 glass or steel to hold cleaner / rinse solution and the final one for drying. You put enough cleaning solution in the first jar so that it just covers the wire basket the watch mech would be in, too much solution and you could have it splashing out of the jar. The next jar has 1st rinse in it at the same level as the cleaning solution, the 3rd jar has a final rinse, level as before and the drying jar/tin does usualy have a heating element in it. If there is no heating element I can only assume he would have used a hair dryer as you suggested, not too forceful as this could damage parts and not too hot as this could melt shellac. Ultrasonic is good but remember people were servicing watches for years before ultrasonics were invented. A watch cleaning machine like yours if it works ok and has the correct solutions will do a perfectly adequate job. I have searched on the internet but can find nothing on this machine, would be great if you could get a photo up. Please have a look under the drying tin just to see if there is a heating element, it should look like a circle of coiled spring. Have a look at the paddle too to see if there are slots or some way of fixing a small wire basket to it, this is what takes the watch parts and it does normaly attach to the bottom of the paddle. One more quick thing, when you lift the paddle, make sure the basket is just clear of each solution and give it a good spin to get off as much solution as possible otherwise you will contaminate the rinses quite quickly.
    Good luck and let us know how you get on :)