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Hi folks, I’m going to try my question again, in streamlined form. Since there are all these uncased movements, is one better off buying up the less expensive movements (these are most common on ebay right now), or should one select better quality movements; for instance, railroad watches, or 21-23 jewel movements w/ pristine dials, and damaskeened or otherwise decorated bridges? Aso, since i am a total novice, which of these are easier to find cases for? I am referring to any cases that are not solid gold. Is there a lot of interchangeability in the common brands, such as Elgin, Waltham, Howard, etc. ? Now, the biggest question: will these movements, in non-precious metal cases, be attractive to the buying public; both to collect and wear? I have been in and out of the collectibles and precious metals business for 50 years, and one thing is a certainty: the public can love a certain category of items for a year or 5, then they can move on totally leaving that area of collecting behind. Many of these items, as a group, never come back; all that are left w/ value are the very top-grade pieces, maybe the best 5%. would enjoy everyone’s input……….stay well…………….b

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