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    I saw this post yesterday but didn’t jump in because I wasn’t familar with that model watch. After looking at the link I would have to agree that the ratchet wheel screw is a right-handed thread. Now the crown wheel screw should be a reverse thread. I am pretty sure the reason watch companies did this was they intended the screws to be tightened in the direction the wheels moved when winding the watch. If they tightened otherwise then the friction of the wheels moving while winding could cause them to become loose and fall out. I think Edward hit it right when he mentioned he had to turn the ratchet wheel clockwise to disengage the click. That says to me that the screw should have loosened going in the other direction. Also if you tightened going the other way I think you might risk breaking a tooth or even the click itself especially on these smaller wristwatches. Have no idea what would have caused them to break inside the arbor unless they had rusted in place or someone used lock-tite. Just thought I would throw my opinion into the conversation.
    Charles K