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Bob Tascione

    Hi Edwardny,
    The left handed screw is usually on the crown wheel and breaks off in the brass plate. These can usually either be worked back out or dissolved out with a alum solution. One thing to note though is Not All left handed screws have the 3 slots or any other markings to identify them! You’re right..it’s not fair!
    I’m not sure what movement is used as the LP 38 but the LP 37 is a Font (FHF) and I believe it does use a left handed screw on a large crown wheel. I’m not positive about that though. Lucian also used ETA etc. movements. I’ll try to find a link to a LP 37 pic if there is one and will post it up here so you can check to see if it’s a similar movement. Also if you have a Bestfit catalog you can identify it through setting mech pics.

    I’ll be back with more info if I can find some for you.
    Also…don’t sweat it. We’ve ALL BEEN THERE!

    Take care for now,