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Bob Tascione

    Welcome to the forum Cdragon!
    Hey Paul I think cdragon might be asking about bending the suspension spring rod and not the spring. The spring is also part of the hanger on many of these American clocks.
    I bend the hook using a couple of fine needle nosed pliers. The shape is important though. If you download the clock trouble shooting guide from the download section of the course (bottom of download page) you’ll find a pic in there of what the hook should look like. As far as keeping it straight it’s pretty easy to twist the rod a little with the two pliers if it’s a bit off center.
    As far as the length there may be a number on the plate giving the length of the suspension rod from the point where the spring rests in the block to the bottom of the loop. If not try 4 3/4 inches total length as this is pretty common.

    Good luck and again welcome!!