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Hi rozeerox, 😯 check all the levers to see if they move freely, if you can hold the works upright and trip the chime mechanism by pulling down on the lifting lever which is the one with the hole on the far right. This is the black lever that lifts off of the lift cam below the cannon pinion on the minute hand arbor. the rack (the thing with all the teeth) should fall onto the rack hook or all the way down to the snail past the rack hook depending on whether it is in strike mode or not. the gathering pallet (the brass oval with a pin and a notch) should allow the rack to fall free to the snail when setting up to strike but also should lock the strike lever by the notch that is in it when the rack is lifted to the end and resting onto the rack hook . the pin will spin and lift the rack to count off the number of strikes. Your pictures show it not resting properly. you probably know all this and I hope my nomenclature is correct but in any case I would emphasize the importance of parts moving freely. if you mess with this and study what is happening it will become more clear. Also remember before bending or tweeking anything make sure it needs to be done, otherwise you could chase the problem in circles as all these parts work together. it could also be that it is not running because something in the strike is binding but also as Paul mentions when testing it, it does have to be in beat. Hope this helps out and please let us know what you find out. ;) oh and by the way, have a great day, William

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