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Bob Tascione

    Hi Paul,
    Yes those are small pivots! 10x should give you a pretty good idea of their condition but higher magnification will really help. Those microscopes that we’ve discussed in other threads are nice for that type of inspection work. Unless a jewel is damaged chances are good that they are in decent shape. Always good to check though.
    Avia is a big time UK company that was bought out by one of the biggies but can’t remember which one so you should see a lot of these watches over there. You can try finding and fitting a pallet jewel from an assortment (that can be tough) but usually the best and quickest way with these Swiss movements is to order a new pallet with jewels or salvage one from an old movement. Can probably find a parts movement from Dashto or others for just a few bucks from which you’ll have a slew of parts for future repairs as well. You may get lucky with the assortment though. I have used these assortments in the past with some success but usually for older Swiss pocket watches. I don’t know what movement you have or which movements Avia used but it’s probably a very common one. There’s a good chance the factory name or symbol is on the movement. Look on or near the balance cock foot or somewhere under the balance rim for a symbol or letters. If you have a Bestfit catalog you can match the symbol to one in the book or match the setting mechanism to one of the setting mech. pics in the book. If you don’t have a Bestfit cat. and can find a symbol or letters I can try to identify it for you if that will help.