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    Bob, this is crazy!!!! You must’ve been hiding in my closet and sneaking up on me when I was working on the watch.
    First of – this particular model 2616 2H(and I went through hundreds of them in my life LITERALLY) does have the overwind protection and before I “FIXED” it, it would work and you could be winding it for the next 15 hours with no end to it.
    So no, I did NOT touch the main spring or the barrel at all when I put it apart and lubricated, etc. I’m still intimidated by the main spring and need a bit of courage to start messing with one – (I have over a 100 of Russian dead movements – some are worse than others, so one of these days I’ll take one main spring out and play around with it).
    Another issue is I do not own a main spring winder – though a guy I buy my watch supplies from (also a watchman) says he has been putting mainsprings inside the barrels by hand his whole life and it always worked. Can you comment on that one? His attitude was “Winder/Shminder – I don’t own any and never needed any – just need strong fingers.
    So I think you could be right on money on this one with the overwind protection…