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    Been playing with this issue for weeks now. Nothing made sense. Finally got another movement that was described as “runs and stops” (had teeth missing on mainspring barrel). This movement however had a very tight winding-setting mechanism. Figured that I would transplant good setting parts off that movement into one I had running well. Transplanted every part just to be sure. On second attempt to set watch the stem pulled all the way out. Then transplanted barrel bridge, thought that might help hold stem up against set lever. No such luck. Last night after work I replaced mainspring barrel on the donor, put all the setting parts back on it as well as dial and hands. Stem will not come out and so far it has ran 8 hours pefectly. I’m wearing it now in fact. Any idea what could have been wrong with first watch plate that would prevent stem from staying in and what fix would be? I have looked under where set lever would set and see nothing wrong.